My work fills my heart, and it is with pure gratitude and passion that I share what I've learned. I took my first 600 hour yoga teacher training in 2009 and have since taught over 3,500 yoga classes. My desire to deepen my impact as a healer and a teacher inspired me to pursue education in massage therapy in 2015 and become a licensed massage therapist. I believe strongly in the innate healing power within each of us and have committed my life to tapping that potential in myself and guiding others to their own.

I am fascinated by the ever deepening practice of awakening, and I enthusiastically study everything I can get my hands on about the anatomical, philosophical, spiritual and energetic teachings of yoga as well as shamanism, Buddhism and innovative methods of bodywork and massage. When I'm not doing any one of the aforementioned things, you might find me playing music with my band Coldwater Collective (listen here), adventuring in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with my amazing partner, gardening or snuggling with our cats.