“I met grounded, fierce and talented Gentri Watson though her musical endeavors; finding out that she was a yoga professional was serendipitous. Gentri's intuitive postural instruction allows her to impart dynamic structural growth to students so they may surrender to yoga as an ecstatic spiritual as well as physical transformation. Her practice is complex, spontaneous and responsive. She has bolstered my growth through our private yoga sessions on a very profound personal level and proven to be a healer that I trust and admire. Walking in gratitude and love for her work."
Pamela Felke, November 2016


“I have worked with many massage therapists over the years and feel so fortunate to have found Gentri. I experience her work as highly intuitive and deeply respectful. Gentri is an outstanding listener both before and during the massage work and I feel like my body is able to work with her in ways I haven't found myself able to do with others as completely. I attribute this to her keen ability to observe and respect what's going on while meeting me with the perfect level of intensity. After our sessions I have noticed significant physical shifts, - some of which feel like they've been wanting to happen for a long time but just needed the right support. I would highly recommend Gentri and look forward to working with her for a long time to come.”
Molly,  November 2016


"I am recovering from shoulder surgery and am having a hard time regaining my range of motion.  Gentri assessed my posture and was able to work on the areas around my shoulder that are most challenged.  Her work is very intuitive and she was able help open up some tight areas that I have had a hard time releasing in other types of bodywork.  After my session I had more range of motion than I have had since surgery. She has magic hands!"
Robin Kodner, December 2016