I design yoga practices for each individual depending on where they are physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. I listen, observe, and pull from my strong intuitive sense and 15 years of study to create a practice of breath and movement that empowers you to hone your ability to give yourself what you need. As humans, our unique histories are stored in our minds and bodies and can manifest in healthy or unhealthy ways. Yoga is a method of healing, opening and clearing blockages so we can show up for our lives with clarity and strength. 

Common reasons why you may benefit from private yoga instruction include:

  • You would like someone to help you stay committed to your yoga practice

  • You have never done yoga and you want to get comfortable before attending classes at a yoga studio

  • You want help modifying traditional yoga postures to accommodate injuries or physical limitations

  • The yoga classes you've attended in studios move too fast or too slow for you

  • You prefer to practice yoga privately and want a practice designed specifically for you

  • You want to learn more in depth about the spiritual teachings or energetics of yoga and you'd like some guidance

  • You would like to do yoga at home

  • You want to practice yoga but aren't comfortable with the social aspect of the yoga studio

  • You want support in developing a meditation practice